6 Fundraising Ideas We’ve Used to Improve Facilities

Why fundraise?

The cost of running a tennis club is substantial and with a small membership alternative methods of income generation are needed.  There is not enough revenue to generate extra funds for projects such as floodlights and court resurfacing.

1.    Grants

Various sporting organisations offer grants.  These are highly sort after and competitive as you will be competing with other sports clubs.

e.g. Sports England

2.    Bright Ideas for Tennis

Bright Ideas for Tennis is a charity dedicated to promoting tennis as a sport.  It does this by way of fundraising events which generate money for equipment and facilities.


24 Hour Tennis Marathon

On the weekend of February 20th / 21st, North Dulwich Tennis Club took part in a 24 hour tennis marathon at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton.  It was the second time which the club had taken part in the event.  The event involved two former Davis Cup players (Danny Sapsford and Luke Milligan) playing for 24 hours against representatives from a selection of clubs.

As a result of our participation in last year’s marathon, the club was able to raise the sum of £5,000 (including £1,000 from the LTA for taking part).   This year the sum raised was £3000.

The charity has visited North Dulwich Club, itself, twice in the past.  These featured coaching sessions for all ages and culminated in an exhibition match.  One of these events also included a visit from Tim Henman.


3.    Sponsored Events

Sponsored events are a great way to raise money for any cause and tennis clubs are no exception.  Friend of the club Caroline Collins is planning to throw herself out of an aeroplane to help us raise money for new floodlights.  So far, she has raised the sum of £558.  Sponsorship pages can be setup online, so that other members can show their support.

Danny Sapsford in photo frame

4.    Events in the Clubhouse

We have also had success holding non-tennis events in our clubhouse.

Table Tennis Evening

We often have table tennis tables setup in the clubhouse to occupy members while they wait for coaching sessions or if rain stops play.

Comedy Evening

North Dulwich has successfully hosted a series of Comedy Evenings, with the clubs own Gerry Howell as the mc.

Other events hosted include a scrabble evening and live music.

5.    Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers

These vouchers can be collected at Sainsbury’s stores following a shop.  Last year we were able to purchase a storage box for club equipment, table tennis equipment, tennis balls and competition medals.

We are also collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers once again this year. With your assistance during last year’s Active Kids program we were able to purchase a storage box to store club equipment, table tennis equipment, tennis balls and medals.

6.    Advance Payment of Fees

Allowing club members to pay 2 years fees in advance is possibly another way of raising money.

Running a Coffee / Snack bar


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