Tennis Club Policies

North Dulwich Tennis Club operates under the aegis of a company limited by guarantee (North Dulwich Lawn Tennis Club Limited, Company Number 11266930), incorporated in England and Wales and governed by its articles of association and its club rules.  All members of the club are members of the company.

The Club’s Management Committee is elected from adult members of the club and has responsibility for the management of the Club and for the rules of the Club.  Members of the Club must abide by the Club Rules and policies, including:

The Privacy policy which sets out how we process members’ personal data and can be downloaded here: NDLTC Privacy Policy May 2018

The Code of conduct which can be downloaded here: NDLTC Code of conduct

The Safeguarding policy which sets out our commitment to prioritising the well-being of children and adults at risk and promoting safeguarding in our club at all times.  This includes contact details of our Welfare Officer and how to report a concern and can be downloaded here: NDLTC Safeguarding policy July 2018

The Whistleblowing policy which outlines how to report concerns and where to go for advice on safeguarding issues and can be downloaded here: NDLTC whistleblowing-policy

The Diversity and Inclusion policy which sets out our commitment to safe and inclusive standards, code of conduct and reporting procedure and can be downloaded here: Diversity & Inclusion policy