Tennis News

North Dulwich 2015 Championship winners

Adult Social Tennis
There are four social sessions a week and as a member, you can just turn up and play in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  These are at the following times:
Wednesday evening: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Friday morning: 10.00am – 12.00 noon
Friday evening: 7.00pm – 9.30pm
Sunday morning: 9.00am – 1.00pm

Cardio tennis
If you want to keep fit and improve your game at the same time, this is just what you are looking for.  Weekly sessions are held on Saturdays at 12.15pm

Club tennis
The club championship happens once a year.  It starts in mid April and lasts until the end of summer.  Finals day is in mid September.

Tennis ladder
We run a singles ladder throughout the year, with players moving up the ladder if they successfully challenge a member further up the ladder.  Members who have joined the ladder issue their challenges on-line, organise their own matches and enter their score on the Tennis Rungs system.  Log on to Tennis Rungs here.

One-day tournaments
We run a number of tournaments throughout the year: American, Men’s and Women’s doubles.  This is a great opportunity to meet other players.

External competitions
We compete in the Surrey, Aegon and Southwark leagues (men’s, women’s and mixed doubles).   For those who play in our league teams, we run team practice every Monday at 7pm.

Please see our NDLTC Tennis league report for 2016-17 for more information on our teams’ recent achievements.